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Hold on,  chillax!  We’re not trying to sell you on our product.  Instead,  We are here to sell you ‘His Promise’.  That he wants you to live your BEST life by humbly and proudly returning the product that we have been given-which is ourselves! Get in on His offer.

I'm usually grossed out by Christians, but these guys are legit! They even have cool nifty hats that fit my red hair and represent my country.
melisa pamuk
So, the first time I heard of this Ministry, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was like: WTF? But now I'm more like: Heck yeah, God is about to do it!
marina dalmas
This right here is the bomb. It's good to be around 'Real' people like myself-- who aren't too heavenly-minded that they can do no earthly-good.
denis maceoin
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